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  • Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine
  • Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine
Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine

Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine

Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine


Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine suitable for round bottle, circular tank, cylinder self-adhesive labeling, suitable for PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles round bottle labeling, widely used in cosmetics, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, greatly enhance the productivity and quality labeling. 


1. Stainless steel mainframe, the whole machine is waterproof and does not rust

2. Single-positioning center guide column, label guide is more stable

3. The label controls the electric eye to improve the cutting accuracy of the film material

4. Adjustable cutter head, rotary cutting, double-sided blade, long life

5. Synchronized bottle divider, bottle conveying is more stable

6. The label is brushed under the group, and the precision of the sleeve label is more accurate

7. Feeding rack, free choice of position

8. PLC control, more user-friendly operation

9.This machine complies with CE certification

Manufacturing Technique



Labeling speed


Labeling accuracy


Labeling positon


Suit label size 

Length30-250 mm,Thickness0.13-0.35mm

Suit product size





220V, 3Kw

Machine size

2100(L)* 1200 (W)  *2000 (H) mm


1. Why I choose this machine?

1. Select the appropriate labeling machine according to the label type. This type of labeling machine can only use OPP or hot melt adhesive label.

2. According to the product industry, most of the customers who choose this set of labeling machine are in the beverage industry.


2. What benefits can it bring me?

1. Automatic labeling machine can reduce labor costs. This kind of label cannot be labeled manually. Full automation production, clean health, quality assurance.

2. Our labeling machine, first put the label on the bottle, then has a hot shrinkage furnace, and finally cooling. A complete packaging product line can increase your competitiveness.

3. For people

1. Customers who use OPP or hot melt adhesive labels.

2. Customers in the beverage industry.


4. For products

1. Product labels must be OPP labels or hot melt adhesive labels.

2. The labeling machine can be customized according to customer needs.


5. Products advantages

1.Wide rang of application, can meet clients all labeling.

2.High precision end labeling, label place deviation less than 1mm.

3.This machine adopts hot stamp ribbon instead of liquid ink. It can print clear words on any packing materials with the features of simple operation and convenient maintenance.

4.The body is made of stainless steel, with long service life.

5.Using synchronous belt traction, mechanical stability greatly improved.

6.Desktop design, Stainless steel body, compact appearance, powerful.


6. Products application pictures

  The following products are suitable for shrink sleeve labeling machine is suitable for various bottle types, round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, curved bottles, cups, etc.