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Features and advantages of automatic labeling machine

With the progress of society, the production of various industries has begun to take the road of mechanization, automation and intelligence, such as labeling. Those backward manual labeling have been ignored. Instead, the automatic operation of the labeling machine, the automatic labeling machine method is not Only the speed is improved, and there is no need to worry about manual labor, and at the same time, consistent labeling effects can be guaranteed.

Features and advantages of automatic labeling machine:
1. The clutch design makes the label tension more stable and facilitates the improvement of labeling accuracy;

2. Advanced color man-machine interface control system;

3. Unique control system with high reliability;

4. The automatic labeling machine has a simple and compact structure, which is easy to operate and maintain;

5. Ribbon coding machine or thermal transfer printing machine (optional) can be installed;

6. It is suitable for high precision labeling on the bottom plane, arc surface and concave surface;

7. Liberate productive forces and improve working conditions

The automatic labeling machine can liberate workers from intense and heavy repetitive work, and at the same time can avoid and reduce contact with highly toxic, irritating, corrosive, low temperature, humidity, dust, which are harmful to workers' health. Improve working conditions.

8. Improve production efficiency and promote the upgrading and diversification of product packaging

The production capacity of automatic labeling machines is generally more than ten times higher than manual ones, or even dozens of times, which undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in the update of product packaging patterns.

9. Improve product packaging hygiene, improve product quality, and enhance the competitiveness of market sales

The development of automatic labeling machine The newly emerging self-adhesive labeling machine, the self-adhesive label itself is clean and hygienic and not easy to fall off, which is a great progress in the development of the label. In addition, the use of automatic labeling machine for labeling production reduces both the It eliminates the contact with too many manual operations, such as medicine and drug production. Some powder and liquid materials are prone to escape, foaming and splashing during the manual packaging process, which is not the case with mechanical equipment. , so as to improve the quality of product packaging, improve the competitiveness of product market sales, and obtain higher economic benefits.

10. It can save materials, reduce costs and protect the environment

The use of labeling machinery for production can fundamentally reduce label waste, labor costs, and cost savings, and the use of automatic labeling machines can fundamentally solve label waste, save materials, reduce waste, and protect the environment. .

11. Reduce the labeling site area and save infrastructure investment

The products are labelled by hand. To achieve the same production volume, many workers are required, the process is not compact, the operation covers a large area, and the infrastructure investment is large. The automatic labeling machine is used, the supply of products and packaging materials is relatively concentrated, the packaging processes are compactly arranged, and some can use three-dimensional operations, thus reducing the area of ​​​​the packaging and saving infrastructure investment.

12. High efficiency and low cost

The automatic automatic labeling machine is a modern mechatronic product, which fundamentally changes the situation of low efficiency and low quality of manual labeling. The use of automatic labeling machinery not only packs the production output, but also greatly reduces the input cost and increases the production vitality of the manufacturer.

13. Convenient and reliable, easy to manage

The excellent performance and reliable performance of the automatic labeling machine, the self-adhesive automatic labeling machine has the advantages of cleanliness and hygiene, non-vertical automatic labeling machine moldy, beautiful and firm after labeling, and will not fall off by itself. The equipment is easy to operate. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, one or two automatic labeling equipment can meet their production needs. Compared with the original labeling of several workers, the automatic labeling machine undoubtedly has excellent management and convenience. .

14. Wide range of applications and diverse uses

The automatic and automatic labeling machinery department meets the labeling needs of various industries, such as wine, daily chemical, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage, electronics, hardware, cosmetics, sheet metal and other industries. The types and functions of labeling are also diverse. , Can be affixed with self-adhesive labels, anti-counterfeiting labels, paste labels, bar codes, film and so on. The emergence of automatic labeling machines has made the previously impossible processes such as manual filming become simple and feasible.

15. High performance and higher cost performance

The automatic automatic labeling machine can not only meet the work requirements of the above industries, but also has a long service life in addition to the remarkable characteristics of fast labeling speed and high precision. A labeling equipment generally has a service life of about 8-10 years. Taking the price of the current mainstream automatic labeling machine, the market price of a fully automatic round bottle automatic labeling machine (standard machine) is generally three to five 10,000, and the average annual investment of 3,000 to 5,000 yuan can complete the labeling output, which is equivalent to one month's labor cost.

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