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  • Horizontal way labeling machine
  • Horizontal way labeling machine
Horizontal way labeling machine Horizontal way labeling machine

Horizontal way labeling machine

Horizontal way labeling machine

Horizontal way ampoule labeling machine feature:

Ampoule labeling mahcine is used for the surface labeling of the round objects in such industries as medicine,daily chemical,food and so on.It can posted single label.

Horizontal way ampoule labeling machine parameter:

  1.This machine can label test tubes, blood collection tubes, droppers, round tubes, ham sausages etc. with self-adhesive labels.

  2. Composed by main body, sending paper, receiving paper, product orientation etc parts.

  3. Putting the ampoule、tube、vial、pen、Lipstick、sausage to orientation part by manual and fix the positon;

  4. Tish machine is CE certified.

Horizontal way ampoule labeling machine manufacturing technique:



Labeling speed


Labeling accuracy


Labeling positon

Wrap around

Suit label size 

 Width 10-100 mm  length 10-150 mm

Suit product siz

Can customized depends on product

Inner diameter of label roll 

76 mm

Outer diameter of label roll 

350 mm(max)





Machine size

 1800(L) 800 (W)  1300 (H) mm



1. Why I choose this machine?

1. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The customers of our horizontal labeling machine are mainly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Because the products in these two industries are small, light, and cannot stand, we use the horizontal method to label the products. So you are in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, you can choose to buy our horizontal labeling machine.

2. The product is small and light. Small and light products are unstable and fall easily, so our conventional vertical labeling machine is not suitable for these small and light products.

3. Food industry. We have a customer who sells ham sausage. This kind of product cannot stand, so we can only choose a horizontal labeling machine.

2. What benefits can it bring me?

1. Speed.  The speed of the horizontal labeling machine is faster than that of the conventional round bottle labeling machine. For small and light products, labeling is faster. The output of the product can be greatly improved.

2. Work efficiency.  Small and light products, whether manual labeling or semi-automatic labeling, have poor results and low work efficiency. So choosing a horizontal labeling machine is the best way. Labels both beautify and increase the yield of the product.

2. Profits.  The more high-end products, the more beautiful and beautiful the packaging, the higher the price.

3. Different.  By purchasing our products, you can widen the gap between you and your competitors and make you gain more benefits.

3. For people

1. Customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

2. Products for small and light customers.

3. Customers whose products cannot stand.

4. Customers with speed requirements.


4. For products

1. Product labels must be self-adhesive labels.

2. The product must be round, cylindrical.

3. The labeling machine can be customized according to customer needs.


5. Products advantages

1.Wide rang of application, can meet any range cylinder labeling.

2.High precision end labeling, label place deviation less than 1mm.

3.This machine adopts hot stamp ribbon instead of liquid ink. It can print clear words on any packing materials with the features of simple operation and convenient maintenance.

4.The body is made of stainless steel, with long service life.

5.Using synchronous belt traction, mechanical stability greatly improved.

6.Desktop design, Stainless steel body, compact appearance, powerful.

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