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Box labeling machine Box labeling machine

Box labeling machine

Box labeling machine

Box labeling machine feature:

Box labeling machine is used for labeling of carton corners, carton sealing, such as cosmetic boxes, medicine boxes, etc.

Box labeling machine parameter:

1. This machine can be used for corner positions such as cosmetic boxes and medicine boxes with stickers.

2. It consists of the main body, paper feeding, paper delivery, product positioning and other parts.

3. Put the box or carton in a fixed position manually or with the production line, and then the equipment starts to label

4. The machine has CE certification

Box labeling machine manufacturing technique:



Labeling speed


Labeling accuracy


Labeling positon

Wrap around

Suit label size 

 Width 10-70 mm  length 10-70 mm

Suit product siz


Inner diameter of label roll 

76 mm

Outer diameter of label roll 

350 mm(max)





Machine size

 2200(L) 1300 (W)  1500 (H) mm



1. Why I choose this machine?

1. Safety. Customers in the pharmaceutical industry, seal the medicine box to ensure that the medicine has not been opened and ensure the safety of the medicine.

2. Quality. Customers in the cosmetics industry, seal the cosmetic box to ensure that the product is genuine and not counterfeited by fake and inferior products, and affix anti-counterfeiting labels to ensure product quality.

3. Trust. The packaging box is sealed to increase consumer trust and let consumers feel that this is a new product that has never been opened.

2. What benefits can it bring me?

1. Corporate reputation. A carton seal can increase corporate reputation. We are using actions to show consumers that the products we provide are brand new, with anti-counterfeiting labels, and the quality is guaranteed.

2. Promotion costs. A labeling machine and an anti-counterfeiting label can show customers the quality of our products, which can save a lot of advertising and promotion costs.

3. High end. At present, only high-end products in the market will use anti-counterfeiting labels to seal the carton, so we should also develop on the road of high-end products.

3. For people

1. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry customers.

2. The product is a carton carton, customers who need to seal.

3. Customers who want to improve product quality and competitiveness.


4. For products

1. Product labels must be self-adhesive labels.

2. The product must be box, carton and so on.

3. The labeling machine can be customized according to customer needs.


5. Products advantages

1.Wide rang of application, can meet clients all labeling.

2.High precision end labeling, label place deviation less than 1mm.

3.This machine adopts hot stamp ribbon instead of liquid ink. It can print clear words on any packing materials with the features of simple operation and convenient maintenance.

4.The body is made of stainless steel, with long service life.

5.Using synchronous belt traction, mechanical stability greatly improved.

6.Desktop design, Stainless steel body, compact appearance, powerful.

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